Advertising : Social, Media, Social And Violence In Advertising

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Advertisements are used daily to concur reactions from the public, positive or negative. The advertising business produces millions of dollars based on a certain factor: influential ads in which causes people to buy a product or to support an organization. Quality articles are the main technique that catches the public’s eye like highly accredited companies. The sole purpose of an influential ad is to portray a scenario which intrigues the public's attention. “Whore”, as the picture is simply titled, was featured in the March 2011 edition of Y&R Dubai, which is a magazine that spans across all of the Middle East. The organization which placed the article in the magazine is known as “Enough Violence and Exploitation” or KAFA for short. The organization is a feminist, social, nonprofit group which seeks to, “Create a society that is free of social, economic and legal patriarchal structures that discriminate against women” (KAFA). The organization has been determined to eliminate gender-based violence of any degree and unlawful social and justices since 2005. by using an ad about a sensitive issue such as abuse, which portrays a woman enduring the effects of it. It appeals to feminists and women who are independent and fearless. A spotlight, which is common in drama and acting, is usually used to emphasize an actor or event. The same effect as used in “Whore” as a symbolizing the woman as the attention-bringer to verbal abuse. As the spotlight effect is used, the
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