Advertising Standards Authority ( Asa )

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Advertisement is the one way persuasive communication with a purpose to promote goods or services to potential customers. Advertisement is the backbone of commerce and industry and one of the richest industries of the world. Advertisement has acquired an unprecedented importance due to audiovisual means of information and entertainment. Due to this impact people became selective in this segment, now they prefer better, healthier and convenient style of living. Everything has its other side as well so not all the advertisements are right and ethical, few of them representing the darker side. Thus, principles and morals in promotional activities ought to be broadly taught, understood well by advertisers in order to influence public positively. This paper will reveal the information regarding the latest Gucci ad banned by U.K. advertising standards authority (ASA).Moreover, the following information will support ethics, importance of ethics in advertisement and how advertisement affect on human brains. In advertisement the subjectivity of ethics is a very controversial and highly debated issue. Every advertisement is designed to impress the viewers but the problem occurs when we allow advertisers to access our mental world. Hence, censorship of ads and interference of ASA is mandatory in advertisement.
BODY PARAGRAPHS Ethics concern an individual’s morals about what is right or wrong. According to Hazels, T. (2015) “Ethics is a set
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