Advertising Stategy

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Over a century ago, Harper’s Weekly commented that advertisements were “a true mirror of life, a sort of fossil history from which the future chronicler, if all other historical monuments were to be lost, might fully and graphically rewrite the history of our time.” Today advertising is a part of our everyday life. It is all around us. We cannot escape looking at it or listening to it. Even if we are not consciously looking at it or listening to it, the message of advertising reaches and influences us. It is often recorded somewhere at the back of our minds and is recalled when we are buying something or looking for a particular service.
From morning to night, we are using advertised goods and
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But then , such an extensive definition of advertising would include almost every promotional act of an organisation , making the analysis and measurement of advertising difficult. Hence we need to agree on a more specific definition of advertising that connotes its characteristics and helps differentiate it from other forms of communication.
The Definitions Committee of the American Marketing Association, therefore, defined advertising as ‘the paid, impersonal, one-way marketing of persuasive information from an identified sponsor disseminated through channels of mass communication to promote the adoption of goods, services or ideas’.
Any mass medium can deliver advertising. Some random examples: newspapers, magazines, radio and television broadcasts, films, stage shows, websites, billboards, posters, wall paintings, town criers, human billboards, flyers, rack cards, the back of event tickets, elastic bands on disposable diapers, bathroom stall doors, cars, taxicabs, buses, trains, subway platforms, bus stop benches, street furniture, airplanes, in-flight seat-back trays, overhead bins, passenger screens, skywriting, shopping carts, stickers on fruit in supermarkets, supermarket receipts, coffee cups, mobile phone screens, opening
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