Advertising Strategies Essay

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Advertising Strategies

When an advertiser places one of their advertisements into a newspaper, they want their advertisement to appeal to the readers of that particular magazine. They could have the exact same message, but considering their audience, they could make it more effective if they use a different strategy to market their product. This is very common for advertising strategies to change when the content of the magazine changes. You can relate the way that the magazine producers choose their ads by when Steve Craig says that "…program producers and schedulers must consider the target audience needs of their clients" (162). The types of advertisements are driven by the content of the magazine. Sports Illustrated provides a
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At the top of that half of the page, the words "The longer you wait" are there. On the other side of the advertisement, there is a professional fisherman standing in a professional fishing boat which is sponsored by Evan Williams. He is also wearing a jacket that has the Evan Williams logo across the front. He is clearly is more "special" then the average Joe seen on the left side of the advertisement. In order for the professional fisherman to look better, that half of the ad is printed in color to give it a more lively feeling. At the bottom of the picture, the words "…the better it gets." are there creating a suggestion to the reader that if you have the patience, things will always become better. To tie the picture back into a promotional opportunity for Evan Williams, there is a picture of a bottle of Evan Williams whiskey in between the two pictures claiming that it is "Extra Aged". In the bottom right-hand corner of the advertisement, it also says "Evan Williams. Aged longer to taste smoother." The ad is trying to sell the fact that because the fisherman waited a long time, he turned out to become a professional, and since the whiskey they make was aged, it also became better, just like the fisherman. The reason that they chose to connect the fisherman to the quality of their whiskey was because they anticipated a lot of males that read Sports Illustrated to be sports-minded and be just like that average Joe fisherman. Evan
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