Advertising Strategy and Its Alignment With the Marketing Goals: Clear Vision Inc. Case Study

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is currently focused on promoting its newest product Liquid-Drop Contact Lenses. The company's advertising strategy is going to address a series of aspects concerning the contact lenses industry, but it is mainly going to emphasize this product's novelty and the resulting innovative attitudes that the masses need to employ with regard to it. Even with the fact that the company has a community of loyal customers, it is going to change its advertising strategy in the case of Liquid-Drop Contact Lenses.
Although introducing Liquid-Drop Contact Lenses means that the company is going to use IMC in new ways, it is nonetheless important to acknowledge the strong connection between this new product and the company's mission in general. This new strategy is going to continue to focus on sustaining profitability, competitiveness, and progress while also promoting innovative attitudes. In addition to reinforcing the thinking of existing customers, this advertising campaign is also meant to winning new customers, especially considering that the company is currently the only one marketing Liquid-Drop Contact Lenses.
The advertising campaign is going to involve a complex set of strategies: televised commercials on national programs retargeting methods through systems like AdRoll magazine advertisements in specialized magazines posting flyers addressing current customers
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