Advertising Strategy for a New Product

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1. Design a new product. (A modification to a current product will do.) What advertising strategy for the promotion of this new product would you use and why? The new product being produced is a state-of-the-art tablet PC that has EV-DO technology embedded within it. EV-DO is the technology that allows cell phones to stay connected to the Internet via 3G and 4G signals at all times; it has never been implemented in a tablet PC yet. The advertising strategy for this product will concentrate on freedom and agility of those having the tablet PC, showing how they can leave their laptop and desktop computers at home while traveling, going to school or going on vacation. With freedom from clunky PCs being the unique value proposition of this product, the advertising will be heavily slanted to digital media, specifically those channels that best connect with mobile devices. The target market for this tablet PC will be smartphone users who want to do more while away from their traditional PCs. Social media including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn will be used, in conjunction with opt-in landing pages on the company's website and blog. There will also be contests for tablet PC users to generate their own videos showing how they use the device. This will further generate excitement with other potential customers and give existing customers a strong sense of identity with the brand. In addition to all of these strategies, a print-based strategy will be used in a few of
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