Advertising : Teens And Advertising

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Ahumareze Paula
1358 English 101
M. Gonzalez
Project 3: Research
November 17, 2014
Word count: 872
Abstract word count: 102


Abstract: companies have to sell their products. In order for them to, they have targeted a particular group of people which are teens. Advertisers know teens are very vulnerable, and want to be seen as “cool” and for these companies to sell their product, they (advertisers) paint this unrealistic image of a teenager, in their (teens) heads. They (advertisers) make teens believe that before they (teens) can be accepted into society, they (teens) have to be this idea of a teenager. In order to protect teenagers from money hungry companies that want to exploit them, we should make them understand how advertising works.
Today, teens have become the main targets of advertisers and Marketers who see them as major consumers of their products. The way in which advertising companies and marketers draw the attentions of teenagers is alarming. These companies claim to be ignorant of the effects advertising campaigns have on teens, because they want to sell their products and services, knowing well that most teenagers are not completely knowledgeable of the impact advertising have on their lives. These companies carry out their adverts through television, internet, magazines and other media to lure teens to their products.
Teens spend a lot of money on products, even more than many adults. Most of them even influence most of the things
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