Advertising : The Ad Creates Awareness Of The Gucci

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Absolut Gucci Awareness: The ad creates awareness of the product 'Absolut Vodka ' to the Gucci consumers. With the bottle and the text Absolut written on the back of the Gucci jacket, the consumer gets aware of the brand. This is a unique idea to advertise the brand as consumers tend to remember ideas that are different from others. Acceptance: With associating Absolut with a luxury brand Gucci, the ad has created more chances of consumers accepting the brand; consumers want to associate themselves with high quality luxury brands, to fulfil their psychological need to belong to an elite social group. Preference: The ad helps generate preference for the brand Absolut in consumers, as it gives the brand an image of a high quality-top class brand; consumers want to use what is best in the market and they use brands that would reflect their personality in the society. Intention: When consumers perceive the brand as of best quality, their buying intention gets stronger. Purchase: When the preference for the brand and the buying intention for the product grows strong, the consumer buys the product. As said earlier, even though if the consumer is not ready to buy the product instantly, there is a huge chance for future purchases. This model is very useful for this analysis as the number of consumers decreases from one stage to another, as we move up the model. There can be many consumers who view the product, but not everyone would buy the product. It requires a lot of work

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