Advertising : The Objective Of Advertising

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The objective of advertising is to promote the company. She relies on the culture and values of the organisation in order to create, maintain, and modify its identity to make it attractive or trustworthy to the audience. Businesses must keep on producing effective ads in a competitive environment (competition, economic conjuncture). But first, how can one defines what is clearly an effective commercial? Adverts are evaluated on their abilities to generate a desired consumer response based on meeting a set of carefully crafted objectives (Wells, 2007). Parallely, for Batra et al. (1995), the effectiveness of advertising should be considered for its effect on sales in the short term. These two definitions don t contradict each other but expand different aspects of advertising. Sure, advertising is an investment, not a cost and must gross sells. But many marketers could argue that this definition puts a lot of pressure over them and put them in uncomfortable position. Furthermore if one says that advertising must gross sells, then people might conclude that it is possible to sell everything to anybody at any price which is false. That is why it is more relevant to stick with Wells’ non-economic approach. An effective ad must live up to the objectives whether it concerns the sells, the market-share, notoriety or media coverage by using different variables that impact the efficiency of the ad. a. Positioning Positioning also called unique selling proposition is defined by Kotler
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