Advertising and Big Beer Ad Essay

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Tutorial Questions – Week 8 1. What factors influence the perceived credibility of an informal information source? List and discuss factors that determine the credibility of formal communication sources of product information. The perceived honesty and objectivity of the source of communication has an enormous influence on how the communication is accepted by the receiver. The major factors are perceived intention of source, correct use of celebrity endorsements and the appropriateness of the spokesperson with the content of the message. 2. What are the implications of the sleeper effect for the selection of spokespeople and the scheduling of advertising messages? The sleeper effect is the tendency for persuasive…show more content…
This type of marketing is called viral as it allows the message to spread like a virus. Some examples of this are the Carlton Draught ‘it’s a big beer’ ad, which premiered on the Internet and now has had over 3 million views. Social networking activities driven by sites such a YouTube and Facebook have also had an important impact of the effectiveness of viral marketing, for example the Carlton ‘it’s a big beer’ ad can be viewed on YouTube. On the other hand, according to Nielsen Media Research it would appear that popular FM radio stations and ABC radio stations appeal to two very different audiences, with 33% of over 55 listening to 3AW Melbourne and closely behind are the ABC stations for that age groups. 6. You are the marketing manager for a headache remedy. Your advertising agency has just presented you with two different promotional strategies, one using a humorous approach and one taking an "agony" approach. Which approach would you adopt? Why? As a pharmaceutical company we would choose the “agony” approach as these commercials are run with great success because they appeal to a certain segment that suffers from aliments that are not visible, which therefore elicit little sympathy from family and friends. Complaints are legitimized by commercials, which they immediately identify with. 7. You are a promotions manager working for the Australian or your home government.
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