Advertising and Consumerism: The Face of the 21st Century Essay

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Advertising and Consumerism: The Face of the 21st Century “Introducing the lasted, newly improved widget… anyone whose anyone has one… it is a must have!” These words sound familiar? This is due in part, because advertising today has taken such extreme measures to persuade the American public; materialism has become the most prominent and universal mentality. The need to have the newest and best has become an instilled characteristic of the average citizen. How, you may wonder, has the advertising industry become such a powerful entity? The answer is that propaganda has always played a vital role in society; this is not a new concept. Throughout history propaganda/advertising has been to entice, elude, and manipulate people.…show more content…
It’s simple, striking, and exceptionally clever. How is this appealing you ask? Well if you are sophisticated and beautiful woman, you want this product. The simplicity of this ad is what gives it so much character. According to A Meeting of Minds, “Connecting objects through color or space conveys association among the ideas behind the objects” (Dobyns, 321). This ad compares a black stiletto heel, which can be associated with sex appeal, beauty, elegance, and power, to the slim mascara brush. This comparison causes the audience to subliminally associate those desirable traits with the mascara. Due to the exceptional contrast in the picture, the viewer’s eye is not distracted. It immediately focuses on the two objects present the stiletto and the brush. This extreme contrast of black and white can flood the viewer’s mind with a variety of associative polarities such as night and day or good and bad. Because the heel and the mascara are depicted in black gives the notion that black is dark, sexy, provocative, and smooth, which is what a high profile woman wants. She wants to catch attention, be recognized, and lusted after. Hence, a woman viewing this elegant ad will want this product because the simplicity of it will allow her to mind to associate desirable characteristics to the make-up. Subsequently as you will notice in this ad, the
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