Advertising and Marketing Research Essay

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Assignment 3: Advertising and Marketing Research and Essay
Sharon L. Price
Topic: PowerAde
PowerAde was presented to the public in 1988 as a fountain beverage by researchers at the Coca-Cola Company. However, it wasn’t until 1992 when it was suggested that the product be released as a ready to drink thirst quencher or better known as a sport drink. This idea was the spark that ignited a competitive sports drink market. Before PowerAde 's launch in 1992, the sports drink market was solely monopolized by Gatorade. Nevertheless, PowerAde extricated itself from Gatorade by adding vitamins B3, B6, and B12, which were said to enhance the metabolism of carbohydrate energy. At this time, PowerAde took 36% of the market share in the Fitness
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The judge concluded that there was no value to Gatorade’s grievance that PowerAde’s marketing slogan inferred that PowerAde Ion4 was more complete than Gatorade. The ruling may have seemed like a win for PowerAde, but the damage was already done due to the lawsuit’s pessimistic publicity.
PowerAde has grown successfully over the past years by globally employing principle marketing strategies that adhere to several facets of sport drink consumers. First, PowerAde increased its association with developed high profile international sporting events such as the Olympics, NASCAR, PGA tour, NHRA, NCAA, AFL, and FIFA World Cup. Second, PowerAde has levied global communications to speak to consumers by upholding a hospitable appearance through the use of global media outlets. Both marketing strategies have highly influenced adolescents which helped PowerAde achieve its high ranked status in the sport drink industry. The sport drink industry spends almost one billion dollars on endorsements each year. Furthermore, celebrities are featured in endorsements campaigns such as TV commercials, billboard campaigns, print advertising, and website ads that reinforce an affable marketing strategy. Both methods of advertisement are appealing to adolescents because they dream to be like these celebrities. Furthermore, the mode of advertisement caters to the desired physical attributes that adolescents desire to possess.
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