Advertising and Promotion Essay 2

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Advertising is producing information for promoting the sale of products or services while promotion is an advancement of a product or a point of view through publicity or advertising whereas trend is defined as a general direction in which something is developing or changing according to time line. There are differences between advertising and promotion despite the fact that both of these marketing tools use many of the same techniques and apply it for the very similar ends. Primary objective of advertising is to create an enduring brand image while for promotion; it is to get sales quickly or to induce trial. Also, advertising is used to increase sales in a long term and it is vice versa for promotion. Advertising is not personal but…show more content…
This offers last until December 2011. Furthermore, each month, a customer will have the chance to win a Blackberry Curve 9300 by paying their bills online.
Maxis is currently the organizer of Maroon 5 concert this upcoming April and in order to promote its services, this company is offering HTC (Hit The Cell) phones at a lower price. Not only that, each purchaser will get a free ticket worth RM255. For current Maxis customer or people who already own a HTC phone, they can enjoy discount from 5%-10% on Maroon 5 tickets just by showing the 'My Maxis' logo on mobile screen or flashing HTC device at authorized Ticket pro outlets. In addition, for anyone who sign up for any Maxis Value plan, Value First or Supplementary Lines, they will stand a chance to get a Blackberry phones at the postpaid prices.
At this time, Digi is giving away a Honda City weekly and Apple iPads or WayWay GPS units daily in the ‘Senang-senang Menang’ contest for its customers. All they have to do is subscribe the Digi’s SMS content. Besides that, customers can stand a chance to win a snazzy pair of sunglasses from Taio Cruz's own fashion label which is imported all the way from the UK when they send this singer latest hit, ‘Higher’ to other Digi’s users as CallerTunes Gift. The more they send, the higher the chances of them to win the prize.

Advertising and promotion is linked with sales
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