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Task 1a. Explain the structure, roll and relationship between parties in the communication industry.

Communication industry is a collection of firms that attempt to inform, persuade and remind consumers about the products and services of various organisations. It is the voice of the company brands to make relationships with customers by having a feedback from them.

In a communication process feedback is as much as important as the message.

In this process of communication there are different types of organisations and people that accomplish various tasks to complete this cycle. We can simply them by drawing a structure as follows.

The client is the organisation who needs to sell the products to target audience through an
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Some of the advertisements are coming as pop ups when we are opening another web site or when we are working in another web site.

Some clients are using public places to promote the products. Ordinary billboards are used in special ways such as flashing screens and some parts are coming through the boards to front or side. And also they are using public spaces to show their advertisements such as garbage cans, parking meters, elevators, airline snack packages, toilets, bicycle racks etc. In the shopping centres some promotional campaigns are taking place to persuade customers to their products. And also the name boards of shops are using as an advertising tool. The clients are providing the boards free of charge with their name on it and pay for the shop owner to promoting their products. The same thing is doing by using public transport services and private coaches also.

Nowadays advertisements are very attractive and using less time. And also they are using musical backgrounds to attract customer concern. And also clients are using music videos to promote their products. In music videos we can see some products are showing by the actors and musicians for the purpose of persuading the customers. And also they are sponsoring reality shows like X factor, got talent etc.

Some elide class products are promoting in fashion shows, parties for high class people and some first class shopping malls and hotels because their target market is different than the mass
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