Advertising and Promotion of Trispecs

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Table of Content No. | Content: | Page: | 1. | My dedication | 2 | 2. | Acknowledgement | 3 | 3. | 1.0 Terms of Reference | 4 | 4. | 2.0 Background of Study | 5 | 4. | 3.0 Findings3.1 Question 1: Differentiate between the characteristics and objectives of FIVE (5) ‘Below the Line Tools’ promotional techniques. | | 5. | 3.2 Question 2: Recommend and explain TWO (2) of the ‘Below the Line Tools’ that are popular in your country and recommend how those could be best for introducing TriSpecs to the individual consumers. | | 7. | 3.3 Question 3: Recommend and explain TWO (2) of the ‘Below the Line Tools’ that could be best used for introducing TriSpecs for the business/trade consumers. | | 8. | 3.4 Question 4: Explain to…show more content…
2.0 BACKGROUND OF STUDY Tri-Specs, Inc is a consumer electronics company dedicated to fusing high-tech and high fashion to produce superior quality and user-friendly products. Leveraging global patents, world class designs, and state of the art manufacturing techniques, Tri-Specs, Inc strives to deliver smart, easy to use products that offer unrivalled performance. Tri-Specs Inc. is now offering TriSpecs which is Bluetooth-enabled eyewear that combines the best acoustic technology for noise cancellation and voice quality in mobile communications with acoustically enhanced, premium stereo sound for a great MP3 music experience using buttons on the arms of the glasses. TriSpecs are highly styled glasses with a simple user experience and STEP Labs’ unsurpassed noise elimination acoustic technology. They combine dual microphones, dual speakers, and Bluetooth connectivity in a mobile accessory which produces the best voice quality and intelligibility on the market. “Beyond the form and function of these glasses, their performance is without equal,” said Isaac Levy, CEO of Tri-Specs, Inc. “Once you try them, you’ll know why TriSpecs are a must-have accessory in every wireless and fashion accessory manufacturer’s product line.” TriSpecs integrate the patented STEPvoice software from STEP Labs. STEPvoice uses the physics of sound propagation to define the shape and arrival time of sound waves to isolate voice signals from undesired noises. STEP Labs’

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