Advertising and Promotions for Starbucks Essay

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Advertising and Promotions for Starbucks Starbucks is known throughout the world for their handcrafted coffee products.
Starbucks have plans to launch a new product line for the domestic and international markets.
The new product consists of a soda bar that will offer variety of caffeinated beverages to noncoffee drinkers. Acquiring consumers to buy the new product advertising and promotion strategy is crucial for the product success. By launching the soda bar in Canada the domestic market and Spain the international market Starbucks must identify the targeted audience and their buying habits. Starbucks customers consist of adults and young adults. These individuals are professionals, college
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Radio Frequency
Identification technology (RFID) is changing the way businesses carry out their daily operations.
RFID technology is not only used at gas stations, restaurants, and department but also at participating Starbucks stores. Starbucks made arrangements to ship out 500 RFID units to suppliers throughout North America. New emerging RFID technology allows Starbucks consumers to pay for their purchases without using cash. Other uses of technology at Starbucks includes: Starbucks Digital Network in Partnership with Yahoo!, mobile Apps, online community, entertainment, and Mobile
Apps allow customers to experience a contactless environment experience. Android apps let customers review their balances, reload their account with a credit card, view transactions made, and see what points have been earned in the My Starbucks Rewards program. End users can use these apps with the following phones Blackberry, Android, iPhone, or iPod Touch. Starbucks stores also have Wi-Fi connections at their stores as well. is the company’s version of their social network that allows consumers to share ideas on anything relating to Starbucks. The social network let users see what other patrons suggest, vote on ideas, and review results. lets consumer have a role in the decision - making process at
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