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Advertising & Sales Promotion “Parle-G” Submitted By: Varun Gupta : PG20095696 Vikram Sharma : PG20095098 Index S. No. Content Page Number 1 Company and Brand Details 1 2 Agency Details 3 3 Consumer and Brand Positioning 4 4 Consumer Response Model—Stage 5 5 Source Message and Channel Factors 6 6 Objectives for the Brand 7 7 Consumer feelings (FCB Grid) and appeals recom-mended 8 8 Designing Communication 9 9 IMC—Recommended Mix for Parle-G 10 10 Sales Promotions—Recommended options 11 11 References 12 1  Established in 1929  1st brands – Parle Glucose and Parle Monaco  Market leader in many products  Won acclaim at the Monde selection since 1970  35% share of the total biscuit market  15% share of the total confectionery market  14…show more content…
 While some have it for breakfast, for others it is a complete wholesome meal.  For some it's the best accompaniment for chai (tea).  While for some it's a way of getting charged whenever they are low on en-ergy. Inference  Parle-G is liked by a large customer base.  It is the market leader and has been playing in Affection and Conation Stages.  Campaigns like ―G = Genius‖, ―Main takat hun‖ have largely impacted the consumer preference by generating liking for the brand.  Introduction of special branded festive packs also motivated the consum-ers to take action, i.e, buy the packs. The world‘s largest selling biscuits, Parle G have to continuously play on a mix of affective and conation stages to be the top of mind brand and to keep getting sales in order to defend the huge market share from competitors. 6 Source Source, Message and Channel Factors  Parle G is one of the most popular Brands. So the Brand can speak for it self and the message will be delivered.  However, due to competition and use of celebrities by competitors to at-tract customers, use of celebrities like ―Amir Khan‖ as source is a great move. Message Message revolves around the positioning catering to the following:  Positive values of life like honesty, sharing and caring.  Synonymous to energy & nutrition.  symbolize quality, health and great taste. Channel  Non-personal channels

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