Advertising and Sex

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Let's prove that… Sex, indecency, violence, danger, disaster and death. These are topics that catch the eye of the average person. They catch our attention because they interesting subjects. They intrigue us. They spark our curiosity. They also raise a lot of controversy. Companies will use these words in their advertising to grasp the attention of all viewers. In this day in age advertisers will stop at nothing to get an edge on their competitor and will use such topics as sex and death to get ahead. Today, in this paper I will using the example of sex in advertising to portray this controversial area and exploit it's problem areas. Sex and indecency are very mature areas and should not be used loosely. In today's society almost anything…show more content…
What I mean by honesty is the product information is not all ways how it is displayed. Let's address the issues of what we care about, the way we raise our children, our ideas of right and wrong conduct, these in my view are all together. Let's take a look at liquor and tobacco advertising. The image of the Marlboro Man is one example. This type of advertisement depicts a buff, handsome, cool man smoking a cigarette. What message is this conveying to our young people? That it is cool to smoke. We all know it has been proven that smoking cigarettes can cause cancer. This type of advertisement causes the consumer to subliminally change their opinion of various items. This is why most advertising is geared towards the younger more susceptible crowd. Abercrombie and who? The Carl's Jr. case is not alone in sexual content. Sex is everywhere we look in today's society. In "The Prevalence of Sexual Imagery in Ads Targeted to Young Adults," Abercrombie & Fitch made an advertising attempt at combining a magazine with a catalog. They call it the "manalog." In this manalog they targeted young adults by using sexual imagery throughout their products. They increased their revenues from $50 million to over $1.5 billion in 2001. From these numbers one could say that sex does sell. In a survey taken in 2001 results found that "44% of young adults (age18-24) said they are more likely to

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