Essay about Advertising and Ways to Expose New Products

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Introduction: In these days advertising has a variety of ways to expose any new product . Such as T.V commercials , street ads , radio , websites , newspapers , and so on .. . But , with the advance of advertising , people tend to be superficial or unaware about what being exposed to them . However , that is not people mistake because some companies conceal their backwards when displaying their products . For that reason , people should be more aware about what happening and know how to react to that action . Literature review : Nowadays advertisement has many methods to approach their customers’ interest . But, do company which made…show more content…
Research questions,hypotheses, and variables : How advertisement affect people ? First,some companies employee professional marketer to make people convinced about their product which means that companies pay to impact people in many ways . According to Markman(2010) , these ways are related to people emotional response . Also, linking their product to a positive situation .To demonstrate, one of the advertisement shows that someone is using their product on a sunny day , nice weather , and displays that this person is happy , Which means overall they try to persuade you that it was a good experiment . Second , some companies use celebrity name and picture to make their product more famous and likeable to people .For instance, like Pepsi Cola , which put the picture of the most famous and loved athlete among people who ‘s name is Messi or many new perfumes are related to famous singer or actress .Finally , Some companies use deceptive ads on the street to attract their customers . For example , Macdonalds ads which displays an attractive picture of a Hamburger which is not the same they serve to people . Do all companies have the same purpose to make people buy their product ? No, not all companies manipulate people to
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