Advertising in India

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Indian advertising industry The Indian advertising industry is talking business today. It has evolved from being a small-scale business to a full-fledged industry. It has emerged as one of the major industries and tertiary sectors and has broadened its horizons be it the creative aspect, the capital employed or the number of personnel involved. Indian advertising industry in very little time has carved a niche for itself and placed itself on the global map.
Indian advertising industry with an estimated value of es13, 200-crore has made jaws drop and set eyeballs gazing with some astonishing pieces of work that it has given in the recent past. The creative minds that the Indian advertising industry incorporates have come up with some
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That amounts to a business of `150 cores approximately. Rajiv Singh, general manager of LGAds admits LG is the only client he services, but expects non-LG businesses to contribute 10-15% of their overall billing in the next one year. The agency’s total media spending is `500 crore, out of which around `250 crore is on account of advertising, which is billed to Rediffusion DY&R.

Globally, LGAds is operational at different levels in various countries. They still retain DY&R as their global agency, with WPP Group. The arrangement also extends to India. But as Singh says, eventually the company might shift the entire vertical of products to the ‘in-house’ agency. “We will work as a full blown ad agency, with more clients.”

Car-maker Hyundai Motors launched its global creative agency, Inn Ocean, in India in 2005 and operates out of twenty-two markets. “The realisation that advertising, marketing and brand communication is a critical resource that needs to stay guarded within the company is where the genesis of forming its own agency comes form,” says Vivek Srivastav, joint managing director of Inn Ocean.

Inn Ocean has billings worth `150 crore for Hyundai and it has mid-sized clients like KEI, Honeywell (home securities) and Fena detergent, among others.

Samsung’s in-house agency Cheil Worldwide has been a success story globally as it has grown as a full-blown conventional agency with diverse clients apart from Samsung. In India, the company has parked accounts
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