Advertising in our Society

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Advertisements are used in hopes to increase the number of people that use their products or services. All product advertisements try to make people buy their products, so they manipulate facts about the product to make it more appealing to the consumer. Advertisements have such a high level of advertising around the consumers that it is causing it to shape around us as a society. Today, advertising is shaping to our society because the companies are beginning to spend millions even billions of dollars to achieve a behavioral change. In the 1800s, industries ranging from soap, to canned goods, and to cigarettes introduced new productions to find new buyers. In this time was when national advertising of branded goods emerged in response to profound changes in the business environment. Along with the manufactures, some of the other business turned to advertising. The larger department stores like Macys and Marshalls began to pioneer to new advertising styles. Stores like Sears began releasing catalogues to advertise kits for building homes in the 1920s. The total advertising volume in the United States grew from $200 million in 1880 to nearly $3 billion in 1920. As advertising began to grow advertisements were not just limited to newspapers and a limit range of magazines, the companies…
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