Advertising in the Media and The American Culture

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It promotes a worldview that stresses the individual and private life while being mainly about selling, telling us that the market relations of buying and selling are the appropriate forms of social relation, overall promoting a culture of consumption. The belief system of capitalism is most associated with advertising because of their values of freedom and independence. Advertising relates to ideologies of the media concerning the worldview of the powerful and contradictions that dispute the worldview. Most ads feature dominant ideology, displaying glamor and power while normalizing the upper and middle class to make the people subconsciously or consciously feel the need to buy things. Normalization also applies to advertising as many ads continuously depicts a similar message to emphasize what society should think is 'normal.' Advertising however, likes to use humor and irony to depict the same massages of freedom while contradicting what society holds as 'normal.' Southern Comfort's ad campaign and slogan 'Whatever's Comfortable' features an ad containing a heavy set man in a speedo cruising down the beach. This ad is relevant to individuality and private life and is depicted ironically through the perspective of the middle class…
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