Advertising or Free Speech? the Case of Nike and Human Rights

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Advertising or Free Speech? The Case of Nike and Human Rights Nike Inc., the global leader in the production and marketing of sports and athletic merchandise including shoes, clothing, and equipment, has enjoyed unparalleled worldwide growth for many years. Consumers around the world recognize Nike’s brand name and logo. As a supplier to and sponsor of professional sports figures and organizations, and as a large advertiser to the general public, Nike is widely known. It was a pioneer in offshore manufacturing, establishing company-owned assembly plants and engaging third-party contractors in developing countries. In 1990, Life magazine published a photo of a 12-year-old Pakistani boy stitching a Nike embossed soccer ball. The…show more content…
He alleged that Nike’s public statements were motivated by marketing and public relations issues and were simply false. According to the allegation, Nike’s statements misled the public and thus violated the California statute. Nike countered by claiming its statements fell under and within the protection of the First Amendment, which protects free speech. The state court concluded that

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