Advertising through Social Media

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Due to technological advancements and the mainstream culture of the United States, businesses are looking for more proficient ways to advertise and sell their goods to consumers.
Since the internet and social media have taken off in popularity, consumers are noticing that social media can lead them to better sources for purchasing goods. Just as consumers are realizing the importance of social media, businesses have turned to using social media as a filter to reach their business and marketing goals. As the business environment changes, businesses are focusing on legal astuteness, alternative dispute resolutions and government regulation. Social media market managers recognize the importance of legal astuteness. “Legal astuteness […] is a valuable managerial capability that enables firms to increase realizable value in four […] components” (Bagley, 2008, p. 387). These four components are: a set of value- laden attitudes, context specific knowledge of the relevant law and the appropriate application of legal tools, the ability to exercise informed judgment, and a proactive approach. Ensuring a set of value-laden attitudes ensures company growth and attainment. Within these attitudes, social media market managers understand that law is fundamental to a business’s success. Managers comprehend that law creates the rules as well as heavily influences the societal consensus on moral expectations and moral values, as well as their development through time. The law doesn’t
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