Advertising to Youth

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In the ever expanding world of consumerism and advertising, companies are constantly looking for new ways to sell their products to youth by making their commercials and campaigns more memorable than the competition; thus having to reinvent themselves. The youth generation has become the prime target because they have more spending power than ever before; because of more disposabel income, and increased avenues at their disposal in which to spend their money. Therefore companies spend an enormous amount of money on advertisement to ensure popularity and early brand loyalty. In the last decade, these superbrands are looking towards new and outrageous ways to capture young audiences, although these campaigns are appealing, how effective are …show more content…
These types of commercials tend to be misleading to young viewers to believe that athletes actually eat fast food. Even viewers that are aware McDonald’s is not a healthy choice might be more likely to purchase from the restaurant because of the constant advertising, and incentives such as official Olympic paraphernalia. The effect of the campaign was very successful, as McDonald’s generated a sales profit of 4.8 percent worldwide higher than last February, with a predicted increased of 4 percent. In retrospect, luxury automobile makers advertising to youth may be a seemingly harmless alternative to gaining future customers. But on closer inspection, the problem may lie deeper. By luxury models creating brand loyalty so early one, it gives the impression that any person can own an Audi or BMW, when in fact that is not the case. Many people will never be able to afford this type of vehicle, but by instilling a desire so early on, may cause some to live beyond their means, meaning going into debt to own an Audi, and have a false sense of accomplishment. On the other hand, a teen may desire these cars, and dedicate themselves to working hard so that one day they be able to afford one. There is no way to tell whether this will have a positive or negative effect of the consumer, as the campaign is only a start to the reinvention of two brands that
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