Advice For Young Artists By Patti Smith

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Journal #1 - Advice for Young Artists Patti Smith was born in Chicago, Illinois, but was raised in New Jersey. She currently resides in New York City, which is also where she made her name working as a musician and artist. In the video titled “8 Artists Advice to the Young” she articulates that young artists should not concern themselves with money. She, instead, believes that they should focus on their work and their name, which will then translate into success. This advice appeals to me in all facets of life. If I focus on working hard, success will just be a by-product of that hard work. Patti Smith has seemingly taken her own advice as she has been working on her craft, whether music, poetry, or visual arts, for nearly 45 years (“Patti Smith”). Anyone who devotes nearly half a decade into their artwork embodies focus. Furthermore, as Patti Smith expressed, this focus on one’s work will translate into success, and for Patti Smith it has. The evaluation of success is subjective; however, it appears that Patti Smith has achieved success in all forms. Financially, her net worth is currently valued at $15 million (“Patti Smith Net Worth”). While critically, she was named one of Rolling Stone magazine’s 100 greatest artists (100 Greatest Artists). Moreover, if success is measured with the legacy one leaves, it is important to note that Patti Smith serves as an inspiration to numerous musicians. Seeing Patti Smith achieve this level of success while following her own advice,
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