Advice From A Friend As A Therapist Essay

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Advice to Counselors-in-Training Amongst the advice that she shared with me, there were a few key components of advice that really stood out me to me. Upon asking Stephanie about any times she felt threatened as a therapist she shared of it being a good practice to have a personal protocol that enables you to talk clients down or to deflect and break out of a physical hold. She maintains that as a counselor, it is important to, “fall back on listening to your gut if something feels wrong. You don 't have to justify it. Set a boundary. Your intuition is your best friend as a therapist.” I found this invaluable advice and I felt so ready with confidence to serve. If there is a situation that becomes inappropriate, Stephanie advises not to feel bad about it or make a big deal out of it. If it is violating the contract, I have a right to move them along. She then shared something that I found to be so profound, “Don’t let the paperwork scare you. You don 't know anyone unless you 're with them”. She has found that the people she felt would be frightening are some of the “coolest” people and that a lot of people just need someone to protect and feel safe and protected by and then they are devoted to you for life. You just have to maintain that you are a safe person with the words that you use. Reflection Stephanie also shared that like her, I would grow to unlearn the things I’ve have taught myself. She advised that boundaries are good. The hard thing for
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