Advice From The ' The Iliad ' Essay

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Advice From The Greats From the time humans are able to start comprehending basic instruction, they will be ceaselessly bombarded with advice from everyone, from their parents and priest to a stranger on the bus. Ranging from “don’t run with scissors!” and “eat your vegetables!” to “if you love it let it go” people have been giving and receiving advice for centuries. In spite of the ever changing world, it seems that human struggle remains constant. Through these centuries of struggle, humanity has been fortunate enough to preserve advice and information through the literature of many of the great scholars that set the framework for modern philosophy. In great texts and novels dating back to as early as 725 BC in Homer’s The Iliad, readers are exposed to the trials and triumphs of the past, different perspectives on life, and leadership strategies. This paper will review many of these classic texts and draw out the powerful messages and life advice riddled throughout them. Although diverse in genre, time of publication, and message, all of these books teach readers how to live and lead their societies, or in some of them, how not to. Similar to the theme of this paper, in his novel On Justice Power and Human Nature, Thucydides asks readers to look into the past to not only analyze it, but learn from it. By studying and retelling the events of the Peloponnesian War, Thucydides draws valuable life lessons from the bloody battlefields of war. He says himself on page 45, “war
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