Advice To Youth Analysis

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Pointing a gun at someone and pulling the trigger is okay if it’s not loaded right? No? Some KIDS would disagree with you. What some people keep asking about twain's article are “do his critiques about society and behaviors of people in them relate to those things of our society today?” and also if his advice given in his article “advice to youth” help benefit and relate to kids of today's society. In my opinion, I think his advice still relates perfectly with the society that I myself go day to day living in. I guess some people say other wise.
Twain's ideas about society in his article match up perfectly with the problems and actions we commit and witness every day, very relatable. For example, he says “most parents think they know better then you do, and you can generally make more by humoring that superstition than you can by acting on your own better judgement.” With this certain situations I can tell you from first hand experience that this will always apply to any teenager and this specific advice will always come in handy. Once you take this certain advice
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How can you not read that example I just gave above and act like the advice given would not help you in any way. That situation occurs numerous times in, I’m sure, all of our lives. Another example would be when gives us his major advice on the “art” of lying. He says if you’re going to lie make sure you have it mastered because a well told lie will last forever. I think he is being very realistic about the whole situation. He knows good and well that none of us as youth will never lie so why waste his time giving us irrelevant advice instead he is basically telling us to be safe and if we are going to do it at least let it be well thought out and not wasted. I am not telling you to go start practicing your lying I am just saying his advice will help us out realistically then a cover up advice
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