Advice and Recommendations for the Mayor of San Diego

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The purpose of this essay is to explain, as a newly appointed staff member to the Mayor of San Diego, how to improve the operations within the city. The Mayor, Bob Filner has asked me to give some opinions on running the city and this essay will highlight some of the most important actions that the Mayor may do to improve his political standing and serve with confidence.
Reexamine Objectives and Goals
The first thing I would advise the Mayor to do is some internal thinking. Often, especially in high profile political work, many people have strong desires to shift you away from you core principles. It is important for Bob to remember and rededicate himself to the prinicples that motivated him into politics and recapture some of that energy that propelled him into this competitive and high stress field of work.
I would remind the Mayor that it is nearly impossible to make friends with everyone and complaints are sure to come from all sides. That is why it is of the highest importance that Bob is serving his own goals and ambitions during his service as Mayor. This means setting goals that are attainable and doable and setting yourself up for success.
The Importance of Communication
Politics is a performance and it is important that the Mayor remembers this aspect of this field. Most of communication is non-verbal and the things we do say are often biased with the emotional status of the recipient. In order to improve the city of San Diego, Mayor Filner needs to

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