Essay about Advice to Choose the Best Cleaning Company

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When it comes to cleaning the floors in your home, there are a plethora of companies to choose from. Most of them use the same technology. Many of them do a good job, but there are some companies that would rather take your money than make you a raving fan. Here are five ways to be sure you are working with the right carpet cleaning company. 1. Don’t Select a Company Based on Their Cheap Ad Prices. Often, people are lead to believe that they are going to get a quality job at an incredible discount when they call the company whose coupon they clipped out of the Sunday paper. These ads are nothing more than a gimmick to get the company through the door. Once they get in there, they will use “bait and switch” tactics and try to convince you…show more content…
A competent carpet cleaner is going to take you on a walkthrough of your own home where they can discuss problem areas with you. They will discuss areas where their services should be able to help, where they may not work. The carpet cleaner should meet the expectation that they themselves set. If they do not meet the expectation, they need to return and take care of those problem areas free of charge. If they still cannot fix the area to the expectations they set, they should, without question, refund your money. 4. Do Your Homework Anyone can tell you anything you want to hear to get into your home. You can either take their word for it, or you can ask them for references, client testimonials or businesses that are referring their business out to other clients. Call the Better Business Bureau to find out if their business is in good standing with the community. You can also check with local chambers of commerce and other business organizations. You do not have to just take their word for it. There are plenty of other carpet cleaning companies to choose from. 5. Always Remember: Safety First The carpets are usually going to be cleaned during the day when the breadwinner is at work. The home will either be empty or only one spouse will be at home. It is of upmost importance that you know that the company you are inviting into your residence does background checks and screens their employees. You want to be sure your family is safe
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