Advisor For Earl Grey 's The Fight For Transylvania 's 7th District

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Hunter Garrison GVPT473: 0102 12/18/15 Final Paper: Advisor for Earl Grey In the fight for Transylvania’s 7th District, two candidates have a tough campaign to lead, however Republican Earl Grey has a slight upper hand in a couple different ways. He already has the quest of bringing jobs to his district, while Democrat Jack Wolfman seems unclear about his definitive goals. Grey also has recorded evidence to him going in a different direction than the Tea Party, which can help him claim the moderate votes. Additionally, being the incumbent has tremendous perks through the resources available to Grey throughout the course of his term. Some preliminary disadvantages he has is that he is not connected well with his district and Wolfman has significant influence over some of the Republican base through his work with the veterans. The failing automotive industry would appeal well to Grey’s campaign assuming that he plays his cards right. There are some advantages Wolfman seems to have over Grey. First, because the district having some urban areas with large minority populations, Wolfman will probably have aligned ideology with these areas because of how Democrats tend to perform in urban cultures. Second, Wolfman’s historic alliance with the labor unions will help him with the working middle class. Third, the state as a whole seems to be moving towards a stronger Democratic voter base. These are not all the advantages each candidate have over the others, however they will play a

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