Advisors At The Local Food Bank

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In our building there are three main community agencies who donate to our building all the time. Advisors Excel is the first one and they embrace the communities in which we live and work. They have known success as a company primarily through two factors, fostering a culture of community where independent insurance agents and financial advisors are empowered to engage, share and learn from one another, adhering to our four core principles, one of the most important being “always do the right thing.” Now, they are expanding into the culture and that principle, as well as the success they create, to helping improve the communities in which they as well as their clients live and work. That means accepting responsibility to help address some of the most pressing problems facing those communities, and providing opportunities for those who work with us to do the same. Starting in 2016, Advisors Excel has made a commitment to deploying a group of approximately 50 employees one afternoon a week to help in the community. Whether it’s helping at the local food bank, volunteering at the Boys and Girls Club, assisting with neighborhood cleanup efforts and helping organize and staff, community events, Advisors Excel will donate roughly 5,000 hours of volunteer time to its home community every year. They believe in making an impact — for their clients and those they serve, and for our communities. In 2015, Advisors Excel committed $500,000 to Feeding America®, the nation’s largest
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