Advocacy Competences of School Counselors

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The concept of advocacy is the tradition of professional counselors, but the role of advocacy in school counseling was not valued until the recent times. The purpose of this paper is to give a reflection about the article on school counseling in order to show and describe the advocacy competencies of school counselors. The article was written by Jerry Trusty and Duane Brown. The article was set to provide a structure that helps to conceptualize advocacy in order to develop advocacy competencies. School counselors have a key role in advocating for academic success for each student in the school. The advocacy makes the counselors have a leadership role in encouraging and promoting school reforms. The advocacy efforts of school counselors aim to eliminate obstacles preventing the development of students and to create chances for all students to learn. It also aims to ensure students have access to the school curriculum that fits their needs. School counselors collaborate with other people within and outside the school to assist students meet their learning needs. In addition, advocacy promotes positive and systematic change in schools (Trusty & Brown, 2005). The advocacy competencies according to Trusty and Brown’s article were designed from literature reviews, personal experiences as school counselors. They categorized them into three groups, that is, counselor’s dispositions, knowledge and skills.…
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