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Qualification in Advocacy 7566 Certificate in Independent Advocacy Self Study Pack to accompany Core Modules 301 302 303 304 Purpose and Principles of Independent Advocacy Providing Effective Independent Advocacy Support Maintaining the Advocacy Relationship Providing Advocacy to a Range of Different Groups of People © Kate Mercer Training 1 Learner Resource Pack © Kate Mercer Training 2 Welcome to the learner pack which will support you throughout core units 301-304 which are part of the qualification (7566) Certificate in Independent Advocacy. To learn more about the qualification and how it is assessed, please read the Student Pack (which you can access through Kate Mercer…show more content…
There are seven learning outcomes to this unit. 1) Establish safe boundaries to maintain the advocacy relationship 2) Establish the advocacy relationship 3) Assist the individual receiving advocacy support to explore and make choices 4) Construct an action plan 5) Support the individual receiving advocacy support to self-advocate 6) Act on the instruction of the person receiving advocacy support 7) Review and end the advocacy relationship. 303 Maintaining the Advocacy Relationship This module concentrates on the relationship between the advocate and the person receiving advocacy support. Establishing a trusting relationship based on equity, respect and acceptance is essential if advocates are to create a safe space for an individual to share their wishes and feelings and work out what it is they want and how they want to get it. This module considers the practicalities of building the relationship, maintaining it and finally ending it when it is time for the advocate to leave. By completing this module you will learn about the limits to the advocacy role and how to guard against stepping outside of advocacy boundaries. You will also learn about effective record keeping and supervision. There are eight learning outcomes to this unit. 1) Know what to do when faced with practice dilemmas 2) Deal positively with conflict 3) Maintain accurate records 4) Prioritise

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