Advocacy Essay

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Drawing on your current and previous social care experience, theoretical perspectives and knowledge acquired through the DPP2 module, present a discussion of your understanding of these concepts and, their relevance to your own developing professional practice.

This assignment will examine the concepts of Advocacy, Partnership Working and Empowerment. It will firstly describe the three concepts individually and then, in order to examine the topic in more depth, scrutinise how the concepts link and are relevant to each other. The complexities and tensions regarding these connections and how these may impact on service users, social workers and social care agencies will also be examined. Examples of professional working practice
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‘Advocacy signals the necessity to validate the experience of clients and patients and ensure that their rights, wishes and needs are met’ (Adams et al, 2002, p.207). Social Work should not focus on the service users presumed inadequacies but to the barriers which are placed in the way of them taking control of their lives. The focus should be shifted from charity and sympathy to advocacy and rights (Thompson, 2001) In order for advocacy to be a justifiable part of social work, it is essential that the professional feels confident in the role and that adequate training and support have been provided by the agency (Trevithick, 2002). Some professionals do not have the confidence or the correct knowledge around the subject in order to advocate on a service users behalf and this can be detrimental to the process (Braye and Preston-Shoot, 1998). There can be a danger when a professional advocates for a client, that the client is disempowered by the process. This can be because the professional has taken over the situation and the client has lost the chance to learn to empower themselves, so it is essential that adequate and thorough training is provided in order to train workers who deal in advocacy (Dalyramble and Burke, 2003). Like other social work skills, Advocacy is a skill which can be learnt and which can be developed over time through experience and resulting confidence. Partnership Working
There are two forms of partnership working, one being
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