Advocacy Street Team Role

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The role of the Advocacy Street Team (AST) is to remind the students that they are at a university. It is to make students realize that they are no longer in a high school where they have to follow specific instructions. University is a space where students should be optimistic and be courageous to call out for the changes they want to see. Unfortunately, a great majority of students remain unaware of the issues affecting them while others feel frustrated by the status quo and are unable to find the means to express their opinions. This is where AST comes in to raise awareness and show students that they are not powerless but one of the most powerful voices within the university. The most important reason why I want to be involved is the in-person…show more content…
Even more so, the incidence of that tuition cost. I strongly believe that McMaster should restructure the way it charges tuition such that low income students, especially from minority communities, refugees, and disabilities should not have to pay anything. On the other hand, higher income students and international students should be charged more in order to reduce the inequality between the two income groups. Another more radical idea is to cut salaries at the executive levels because after all, university should not be a business centered place but rather a student and education-centered institution. The radical ideas of today would be the common sense ideas of tomorrow and this is why I remain passionate about my ideas, despite the discouragement from the naysayers. This is because, in order to pull our local and global economy forward, education for all strata of incomes is a must and not just a privilege. We must be courageous to value talent, clever ideas, and innovations of our young adults, especially the ones hidden behind the curtain of poverty or discrimination, and give them a home at McMaster for a better
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