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Advocacy for Diverse ClienteleName Capella University Advocacy for Diverse ClienteleOne of the populations that has a lot of culturally diverse individuals is the military and veterans. In veterans there is a lot of cultural diversity with individuals ranging in backgrounds from all over including African-American, Asian-American, Hispanic-American, and Caucasian-Americans. Veterans suffer from a wide range of mental illnesses including depression, PTSD, anxiety, suicide, and substance abuse. PTSD is one of the most common mental health problems that veterans face after returning from war. According to Loo (1994), individuals that are ethnic minority veterans tend to have higher rates of PTSD than white veteran counterparts. PTSD can…show more content…
In using on method structured interviews of influential people in the public and private sectors are conducted (Blair, 2007). In this method the interviews are head with policy makers which allows insight to where the policy makers are at on the issue, assessment of political outcome, and assessing how well advocacy messages have done (Blair, 2007). This method allows for advocacy by providing a look at what policy makers are thinking, where their votes might light, and how well the previous methods of advocacy have worked. It allows advocates to see where changes can be made and why the might need to be made.
National Public Polices
According to Government Affairs: Current Issues (2014), legislation was passed in 2006 which allowed for qualified mental health counselors to work as mental health clinicians in order to take jobs in the VA and help veterans with the issues they deal with. The main advocate for the inclusion of qualified counselors came from the National Board for Certified Counselors that advocated for years and directly influenced the 2006 legislation (“Mental Health Matters” in advocacy, 2004). This allows counselors that are trained to deal with issues of mental health such as PTSD to get jobs and help veterans with their mental health. The passing of this legislation allowed counselors that were qualified and licensed to gain employment with the VA and thus having access to the
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