Advocacy for Diverse Clientele Essay

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Advocacy for Diverse Clientele
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Dealing with the everyday hustle and bustle that life throws at them. African-American women continue to rise above and stand out while doing so. They have been labeled as different, from their parenting style down to their style of dress. These women have also been ridiculed, labeled in a negative manner, and even mistreated. For example, they have earned lower wages than African-American males and whites. On the other hand, they have also been viewed as strong willed individuals. For examples, they have headed more than forty percent of their families while managing careers, and raising children. African-American females are heterogeneous in terms
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These concerns affected the race as a whole and causing oppression, depression, and many additional negative concerns. From this, also came strength and perseverance. The race as a whole has been able to rise above and move forward in a positive direction.
In counseling African American women, issues involving racial identity and conflict should be explored. Counselors can help African American females counteract negative images associated with being Black and being female; enhancing internal strength by developing pride and dignity in Black womanhood can serve as a buffer to racism and sexism and can prevent the incorporation of negative images into their own belief systems (Sue & Sue, 2013, p. 374). Counselors should be aware of the culture and familiar with the struggles and life events that have taken place for African American females in order to relate, build rapport, and be helpful to them.
Family strategies for working with African American females include exploring the possibility of extended or nontraditional family arrangements. Therefore, questions should be directed toward clarifying who is living in the home and who helps out. Therapists/Counselors should work to strengthen and increase functionality of the original family structure rather than attempt to change it. One of the strengths of the
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