Advocates Against Assisted Suicide Advocates Essay

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Advocates against assisted suicide argue that the untaken medication will be dispersed to a larger group of people than just the terminally ill it was intended for. A little over 40% of the population of individuals that received life-ending medication did not even take the medication (Keown 172). Keown details a summary of the prescriptions ingested in 2015 as of this current January. All of the medications that a prescription was written for were carefully tracked and observed. The Death with Dignity organization states “anyone who chooses not to ingest a prescribed dose or anyone in possession of any portion of the unused dose must dispose of the dose in a legal manner as determined by the Federal Drug Enforcement Agency or their state laws, if any.” Even with the closely monitored prescriptions “the Supreme Court of the United States has ruled in two unanimous decisions that there is no constitutional right to PAS” (Anderson). It is relatively impossible that an individual would be able to share their medication with another who does not meet eligibility requirements stated by the law. Why is the unwavering support of physician-assisted suicide overlooked because of the inevitable conclusion that it brings?
Even with the legalization of assisted suicide, reasonable laws can be constructed which prevent abuse and still protect the value of human life. Josh Sanburn in “The Last Choice” argues against the preconceived notion that suicide devalues the life of a human, but

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