Advocating For Meriwether Lewis As The Face Of The $ 10 Bill

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Advocating for Meriwether Lewis as the Face of the $10 Bill Introduction I believe that the Meriwether Lewis is one of the most qualified candidates for being on the $10 bill. Meriwether Lewis is most widely known for his part in leading the Corps of Discovery on their expedition across the land of the recently acquisitioned Louisiana Purchase. The expedition took place between May of 1804 to September of 1806 and spanned from St. Louis, Missouri to Fort Clatsop in present day Oregon. During this period Lewis, the Corps, and his former commanding officer and friend William Clark set out to observe and map the Western lands. Along the way, Lewis and his companions discovered many new species of wildlife and plants. Many of these species are represented by sketches in the logs both Lewis and Clark kept. After returning from their expedition, Lewis became the governor of the Louisiana territory and was given a generous slice of land in the new region. In 1809, he attempted suicide while on the road to Washington D.C. While Lewis was unsuccessful in his attempts to kill himself, he later succeeded in shooting himself at an Inn. He eventually succumbed and was buried just outside the Inn. A memorial now lies where his body was laid to rest. Throughout the next sections, I will provide a more detailed description of Lewis’s life and exploits, along with his lasting significance both at the time and at present day. Early Life Meriwether Lewis was born in Ivy, Virginia during the

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