Advocating For Organizational Change : Bridging The Gaps Of Service For The Doe Family

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Advocating for Organizational Change: Bridging the Gaps in Service for the Doe Family
Social/Community Issue: Identifying Gaps and Limitations
While it is true that social workers may be trained to provide all of the services that are required for a family in need, an astute, savvy and expertly tuned-in social worker will also identify the gaps in service and move forward with filling in where limitations are evident. The Doe family in question, one whose sweeping problems and challenges have been thoroughly explored in our recent projects, will not be able to experience the best possible opportunities for healing and recovering until all of the evident gaps in service are identified and properly addressed. As professional social
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The social workers who first adopted the systems perspective were aiming for a kind of homeostasis or equilibrium. In this type of system, each part serves an essential function in maintaining a balance to produce a well-functioning whole (Hutchison, 2013). This is exactly the kind of perspective that would best serve the Doe family as we take into consideration the multiple layers of challenges they are facing. The complicated dynamics of this family should be approached in a way that addresses the needs and desires of each member, respectively and collectively. For this process to unfold as smoothly as possible, the intervention of a team of professionals, including social workers and therapists, should be implemented as soon as possible, in order to provide this family with affordable group therapy that will assist them with healing and recovery.
Preparing and Imagining in Advocating for Services
PREPARE is an acronym used in social work practice which stands for:
• P- identify problems to address
• R- realty
• E- establish primary goals
• P- relevant people
• A- asses cost and benefits
• R- risk involved
• E- evaluate potential success
IMAGENE is another acronym used in social work practice meaning:
• I- idea
• M- muster support
• A- identify assets
• G- goals
• I- implement the plan
• N- neutralize opposition
• E-
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