Advocating for the Abolition of NY Physician Self Referral

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April 15, 2014 The Honorable Senator Dear Senator RE: Advocating For the Abolition of NY Physician Self Referral. As a New York Physical therapist, I urge you to veto measure AB 3551. This ill conceived legislation fails to understand the value of the current New York state law in curbing medical practices that may undermine the quality of care as it relates to physical therapists. As you are aware, Rep Jackie Spencer, the person who introduced the AB 3551, argued that self-referral by physicians increases cost (American Physical Therapy Association, 2014). He also stated that it encouraged an unnecessary use of services that do not promote the integrity of health care provision. If enacted, the law will eliminate financial incentives from the physician referral process. Rep Jackie Spencer is under the impression that the law will ensure that medical decisions will promote the patients’ interest. The lawmakers also have the impression that the financial incentives have encouraged physicians to expand the number of prescribed procedures, which is against the code of conduct of the profession. If enacted into law, it will complicate the work of physicians. The existing federal ethics in patient referrals law, which is known as the stalk law, is ineffective against physician self-referral arrangements (Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, 2013). The statutes in the stalk law prohibit physicians from referring patients for advanced diagnostic treatment such as pathology

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