Adym: A Fictional Narrative

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I stopped eating and looked at him, then said “Ok”. Adym came downstairs and walked to me, he went in between my legs and kissed me. I kissed him back then he put his hands on my ass while bringing me closer to him. Sawyer left to go to his room. Adym started kissing my neck and I bit my lip to keep from moaning. I then stopped him because Jason came out of his room. He looked at us and I looked at him, then Adym looked at him. “Ready?” Jason asked Adym. “Yeah, I’ll go get Sawyer” He said. “Ok” Jason said. Adym went to go get Sawyer then Jason looked at me. “Pretty sexual there don’t you think” He said and sorta asked and walked to me. “Yeah, but who cares” I told him. “I do obviously” He said. “Ok and I don’t care. I told you what
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