Aed/222 Week 3 Checkpoint

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Tommy Martin is finding it hard to interact with other children and his educators at school. He is in grade 4 now and has had this problem since kindergarten. He lacks interest in the classroom and he is difficult to work with. Often times he is sent to the principal’s office because of inappropriate behavior. He does not keep friend for lengthy periods of time. He is physically aggressive and very emotional, even about seemingly innocuous things. He does not like sympathy during these emotional times. Frequently he behaves like he is depressed. During these depression episodes he tends to stay by himself. He has a difficulty understanding and subsequently remembering material taught in class. NOTES: He lacks interest in the classroom and…show more content…
She gets caught passing notes frequently and she is punished appropriately. This behavior is ongoing which means that she is not a rule follower. She does not pay attention to the lessons at hand because her attention is taken up in communicating with her peers. Stephanie does not like to work. She is unable to either keep her desk clean or turn in homework assignments within reasonable time frames. Friendship comes easily to her, but it is usually short lived. Notes: Stephanie loves to interact with classmates but she is not a rule follower. She does not focus on lessons at hand, she does not like to work and her desk is a mess. Friendship comes easy but it does not last. No Exceptionality is Correct! Stephanie’s behavior is not consistent with ADHD or EBD. Communicating with peers during class, lack of focus, and rule breaking are well within the range of normal youth behaviors. Effective practices that might work for Stephanie: • Positive reinforcement for proper behavior • • • Reiterate class directives frequently. Remind her of consequences for not following the directives. Proximity teaching with respect to organizational and social areas. Get Stephanie’s parents involved in rule reinforcement. When it comes to identifying the disabilities of ADHD and EBD was a little difficult to identify the differences in the actions of the children. Any child can have a hard time staying organized and can get disruptive at times.

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