Aegeus Theory Of Theseus

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Theseus, also known as Thiseas, is a Greek hero that ruled Athens as king. He was no god nor had any special powers, just his strength and intelligence to give him a name for himself. There is many theories on his origin, a question mostly of who his father is. One theory is his father is Poseidon, his mother being Aethra. This comes into play later on when he is asked to prove his heritage to Minos, which he does by retrieving his ring in the sea. He ends up being successful, but Minos just laughs this action off as if it didn’t matter much to him. Another theory is that Aegeus is Theseus’ father, which I’ve found more stories of because it aligns with the fact that Theseus was prince of Athens, and to be that he’d have to be Aegeus’ son. In both stories the mother is Aethra. Aegeus needed an heir, which he left for Aethra to raise until he was ready to retrieve a sword and sandals left by Aegeus himself. When Theseus became old enough to move the rock that was imprisoning his birthright, he headed to Athens to meet his father and take his place as prince. This little adventure, according to, turned out to be quite rough, as Theseus encountered many troubles along the way. Dangerous and unsettling, he ended up defeating multiple burglars, which made him a hero once he returned to Athens. Such a hero, in fact, that Aegeus’ wife was concerned about people favoring him over Aegeus and set out to poison the man’s wine. She does, but Aegeus spots Theseus’

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