Aerobic Exercise Training

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Hypothesis We predict that aerobic exercise training will produce changes in the hippocampus both structurally and functionally. Its enhancement in terms of the size will be correlated with improvements in the functions the hippocampal region is involved in. Particularly, exercise will develop young individuals´ memory consolidation, a process through which memories are stabilized in the long-term, but also the long-term potentiation phenomenon of it. This means a better capacity for converting short-term memories and information into long-term ones. It is also predicted that depression scores and risks of falling into a depressive mental disease will be lower in trained subjects. Methods and Measures For the experimental…show more content…
Group 1 will be asked to live their normal lives without changing their routines and without doing any significant exercise. Groups 2 and 3 will practice swimming for 60 minutes, 4 days per week for 3 months. Each member that has to do this exercise will be asked to swim one hour at the end of the day 4 days a week at a comfortable and regular pace. Except for this, they will be following their everyday routine. The short-term memory capacity of these subjects before the aerobic exercise will be tested with the most common technique, which is a test called Memory Span. It consists of showing the candidate a large list of random words, numbers or pictures one by one, one thing per second. Recognizable and easy patterns mustn´t be used. In this case they will be shown a sequence of 7 pictures, 7 numbers and 7 words in a random order, making a total of 21 items. Having finished the sequence, the candidate will be asked to recall all the items in the right order immediately. Only the items recalled in the right order will be taken into account as a correct answer. The number of right responses of each member of both groups will be written down and saved. In addition, a long-term memory test will be done. The individuals, just as in the short-term memory test, will have to memorize a list of random words. They will have two minutes to memorize a list of 20 words. Once the time is over, they will have 5 minutes
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