Aerobic Training Strategies Are Used For Training

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Figure skating requires the athletes to use precise and nearly perfected executed moves during a routine. Aerobic Training strategies are used for training figure skaters. Normal practice times run as long as two hours, two times a day totaling at least four hours on ice. “During a two hour training session roughly 2,200 kcal/day are burned” (Bozeman, 1998). While a two hour training session, 250-300 kcal/hr are used. In order to keep a balanced diet skaters are recommended to primarily intake carbohydrates. A normal calorie distribution consists of “60% Carbohydrate, 16% Protein, 24% Fat” (Bozeman, 1998). This balanced diet targets the certain energy systems used for this sport. As mentioned before, coaches use an aerobic training…show more content…
“Skating combines elements of athleticism and artistry, requiring strength, flexibility, power, endurance, and grace” as stated by the International Journal of Sports Physiology and Performance ( 2007). Skaters much have adequate aerobic endurance for performances, which can last up to 10 minutes as well as anaerobic capacities that can sustain bursts of energy for the many different types of jumps they present. These athletes commonly incorporate interval training into their programs as it alternates activities between high and moderate intensities, similar to what they will encounter during a performance. Considering that the sport requires an increased aerobic fitness, in order to provide the muscles with enough oxygen throughout a performance (to supply the muscles to move properly) the athlete must either increase the total amount of time the body is under stress or the intensity of the activity. Longer workouts targets the aerobic endurance where as the shorter and higher intensity workout increased the speed and power. For instance, working with increased intensity will heighten the muscular and aerobic endurance. Intensity by pushing to the point of volitional muscle fatigue creates an overload on the muscle tissue, which if repeated over time, will build a tolerance for it (pushing the threshold higher). If the strength threshold is higher than being used, the lesser activity can be endured a longer period of
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