Aeronautical Pioneers: The Story of Orville and Wilbur Wright

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Imagine life without airplanes. Imagine a life without the security they gives us from conflicts and wars, without the ability to send packages and mail swiftly across long distances, or without the ability to travel anywhere in the world in a relatively short amount of time. Luckily we don’t have to worry about any of these things most of the time, all thanks to the “pioneers of modern aviation,” Orville and Wilbur Wright (“Orville Wright” 2). Through their successful invention and flight of the first powered aircraft, we can live better lives than what was before ever possible. Therefore, I feel it is only common sense for them to be inducted into the History Hall of Fame. To further uphold the previous statement on this matter, I…show more content…
Much later, after accomplishing much in the latter part of his life, which I again will address in a later paragraph, Orville underwent two heart attacks, and alas, he died of the second on January 30 in the year 1948, and is currently buried in Dayton, Ohio (“Orville Wright” 2). Also, neither Orville nor Wilbur received matrimony during their years upon this planet (“Orville Wright” 2). The Wright brothers had many inspirations for achieving for achieving greatness in aeronautical engineering. Milton Wright, the father of the Wright brothers, came home one day, when they were young, to give Orville and Wilbur a small, functional, and helicopter toy with real moving parts, helping to develop the brother’s love for aeronautical engineering (“Wilbur Wright” 1). Also, Orville grew an interest in kites, and even began to build them after moving in 1881 to Richmond, Indiana, helping to affirm his interests in flight (“Orville Wright” 1). Roger E. Bilstein states that then later, in 1899, very seriously the brothers began to analyze and study-up on the matters of flying and engineering in that subject (Bilstein 509), and also, according to “Orville Wright,” kept up current with intelligence regarding this matter (“Orville Wright” 1). Another inspiration, Otto Lilienthal, had work of which the Wright brothers studied, regarding aeronautical engineering, and became a heavy reason why, after his death, they began to dabble in flight

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