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The rain seemed neverending. Soaking the ground until it could not bear anymore. Turning the ground into a brown sticky paste that attached itself onto anything it touched. In the distance, a thin hooded figure could be seen struggling to move towards a decrepit shack with a pack on its back. No one should be out during the winter storms… The wind howls and gusts powerfully, blowing back the hood of the shrouded figure. She’s an elf. Her face was as pale as the snow on the mountains; eyes as green as emeralds, with hair as black as night. Through all her beauty, you could tell that she was in pain. With every step she took, she clutched her side. A long, barbed arrow protruded from her abdomen. Blood stained her mud coated clothing. She tries to take one more step towards the shack but fails and collapses face down in the mud… Her breath…show more content…
The rain strikes against his body so heavily it feels as if small pebbles are being thrown at him. His leather boots quickly fill up with mud. In the distance he see's the once hooded figure laying face down in the mud. He see's the pale sharp ears stick out from the long black hair flowing down its back. He stumbles and slips into the thick brown sludge. Mud cakes his face. He could now see that the once hooded figure is a female elf. As he crawls towards her, the pack on her back rustles and a the sharp cry of a baby emits from it. He fumbles over the claspes of the pack clumbsly and opens it. Inside, there is a baby boy wrapped in torn cloth. The boy's skin is as dark as tanned leather, ears sharp and point like the elf who carried him, dark brown eyes like a horse, and bristly black hair as dark as the night sky. Aesir, presses the baby close to his chest and runs back towards the shack. Shielding the baby from the harsh elements of the winter. In his mind he thinks to himself," This child I shall raise as my own. His name is
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